2009 March 17
by Josh Brown

In light of our recent viewing of the documentary Chevolution and consideration of the uses and abuses of an iconic image, here’s one to ponder: a photograph of Gerry Pasciucco, former vice chair of Morgan Stanley and now reportedly the director of the infamous AIG Financial Group. In case it’s not obvious, he’s the one wearing the Che t-shirt, nicely accessorized by a blue blazer and paradoxically golden handkerchief.

The event, by the way, was a fundraiser held last June in Greenwich, Connecticut. The webpage sporting this and other photos has an accompanying description that is priceless in its willful celebration of decadence, or perhaps it’s just another case of historical amnesia merging with obliviousness:

Family Centers took a trip back in time where the sound of salsa music filled the air, La Tropicana was the place to be and relaxation was a way of life. The sights, sounds and tastes of 1940s-era Havana filled the air on the evening of Friday, June 6 for Family Centers’ 2008 benefit—Fiesta Cuba. The event was held at the Belle Haven home [of] Laurie and Peter Grauer.

Known to attract the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and Gary Cooper, Cuba was dubbed “America’s Playground” during the years following World War II. Laurie Grauer, along with her fellow co-chairs Patti Fast, Julie Graham and Nonie Sullivan, combined a touch of that glitz and glamour with the laid-back feel the Caribbean is known for to create a true paradise under the stars.

Before sitting down to an authentic Cuban feast, guests were treated to mojitos, other tropical drinks and hand-rolled cigars. Meanwhile, roulette, poker and other games of chance were played in the world-famous Riviera Casino. But the party really heated up once the sun went down, as a 13-piece orchestra played a mix of Latin and party tunes sure to keep the dance floor filled all night. . . .

Have these people not at least seen Godfather II?

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2009 March 19
Leah Potter permalink

What’s Cuban for chutzpah?

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