FDR’s Tree Army [now on Vimeo]

2013 March 13

We know that unfortunately for some of you, your school blocks YouTube. So if you want to use any of our resources on our YouTube channel, you’re left to find other ways [or other resources].

We’re not going to be abandon ship, but we have thought about putting some of our resources up on Vimeo in addition to YouTube. Below, watch through Vimeo, FDR’s Tree Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps, a short <10 minute piece about the New Deal relief program and the young men who worked in the CCC camps.

FDR’s Tree Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps from American Social History Project on Vimeo.

If you’re a teacher, can you get Vimeo in your classroom? Is this a temporary solution? Is there another better way for us to make these materials available? Comment and let us know!

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