Five Years

2012 October 11
by Ellen Noonan

Five years ago today, Roy Rosenzweig died. We here at ASHP think of him often and fondly, and his influence remains all over our work.

History Matters: The U.S. Survey on the Web was one of many collaborations between the Center for History and New Media and ASHP, and I remember long conference calls with Roy spent cooking up the Puzzled by the Past quizzes that were once a monthly (!) feature of the site. They were a bit of a challenge to create, made a little easier by Roy’s extensive library and memory for odd and funny historical details. Several involved presidential politics and history–you can see them herehere, and here.

I sometimes wish I could talk to Roy about the projects that ASHP has done in the past five years–especially the Mission U.S. game and HERB: Social History for Every Classroom, a lineal descendent of History Matters and named for Roy’s own advisor, Herb Gutman. Instead, I’ll drink a cup of coffee, eat an apple down past its core, and remember an extraordinary historian, mentor, and colleague.

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