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2010 January 15

I know, it’s a bit belated to be posting a New Year’s post in mid-January, but given the hectic beginning of the year it’s been I thought today would be a good time to mention a few exciting things going on at ASHP.

Work begins in earnest on the “Resource Database” (title TBD). We’ve surveyed a range of college professors, community college instructors, elementary, middle and high school teachers as well as support staff. We’ve held some discussions with our Teacher American History teachers and we’ve received some  incredible feedback. We think we’re on the right track for building a pretty incredible tool that will use CHNM’s OMEKA as the backend framework.  We’ll be occasionally posting updates from the development process as it progresses.

A small group of us have been working in collaboration with a group in North Carolina on how to use mobile technologies to present engaging history content to young people at small museums in rural North Carolina. The meetings have been speculative and bold addressing issues ranging from accessibility to mobile technology and class and new technologies like “Augmented Reality.”

The staff at ASHP is reading Scott Reynolds Nelson’s Steel Driving Man: John Henry for our bimonthly staff reading, and we’ve just finished watching some compelling documentaries as well such as Food Inc., where we discussed to under-discussed role of labor in the nation’s food system and Banished: American Ethnic Cleansings, where we discussed the role of monument and memory in affected towns.

I can hardly hope to elucidate in full all of the exciting things that we’re currently working on staff wide for the new year, but I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2010, and we hope you’ll stay tuned to ASHP this year as we work on some more exciting projects.

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