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2008 December 15
by ASHP Staff

First off, Happy Holidays from us here at ASHP. 

A few weeks ago several of us met with Bob Stein with the Institute for the Future of the Book and discussed how Who Built America might be reconcieved in an alternate form- perhaps using Sophie or another tool which could allow participation in the margins or as a book which can be as deep (or as brief) as a teacher wishes it to be. Could a book foster connections between students with common interests in the way that services like Pandora or  Good Reads does. The IF:book has done a good job summarizing the meeting; however, the possibilities for Who Built America’s next incarnation are definitely exciting.

We’re also working on a re-design of our ASHP homepage. I will be posting some visions and prototypes in this space as development progresses- so stay tuned for that. In the meantime we’re scouting other organizations to see what they do well, and how we can better service educators with our vast archive of teaching materials that as of now are not accessible through the web. It seems a lot of organizations are good at providing primary resources; our niche is providing those resources within a pedagological frame, and making the resources as usable to teachers as they are to scholars. 

So in short, stay tuned. We’re in exciting times here at ASHP.

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