Link Tuesday!

2011 June 28
by ASHP Staff

And a break from your regularly scheduled programming here, the resident staff webmaster and Queens resident with a keen interest in urban planning presents a few links that might be of interest to our readers.

Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” are an over 130-year-old mode of communication according to a great post on Ephemeral New York. (Yes, with actual newspaper clippings from 1872 to prove it)

The always engaging Newtown Pentacle elaborates on his claim that ‘Newtown Creek is where the Industrial Revolution actually happened.’

Lost City wonders “who goes to the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden,” and I fully support his finding that it might be  the most honestly diverse drinking spot in all of the five boroughs.

ASHP’s been busy at work on a few upcoming seminars and updating materials on many of our websites. Stay tuned for a return to regularly scheduled social history updates!

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