Some Friday Links

2011 January 21
by Ellen Noonan

From Ellen:

This is just as smart now as it was a week ago when he first published it: our CUNY colleague Gregory Downs (City College of New York) on Tucson shooter Jared Loughner and “the vernacular intimacy of politics.” Don’t miss Professor Downs at our February 3rd panel on Civil War scholarship, Did the Real History Ever Get in the Books? or in one of our podcasts.

The New York Times profiled a professional development program for Newark public school teachers where students take a lead role as the staff developers for their teachers. It’s an interesting model, and intriguing to think about what exactly this would look like in a history/social studies professional development program. Surely we could learn something useful if we ask students directly why they find history class so boring and work collectively on ways to make it better.

Did you know about Ithaca, our own Josh Brown‘s serialized graphic novel on Reconstruction? No? Find it here, in the online journal Common-Place.

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