The Lost Museum receives web award

2010 April 8
by Andrea Vásquez

Announcement: Shmoop, 2010: Best of the Web award for Antebellum American Culture for The Lost Museum.

“Shmoop is an education website for students and teachers (middle school through college ages). Our mission is to make learning fun and relevant for today’s students. Each of our learing guides includes a “Best of the Web” section, where we point teachers and students to quality, reliable websites for further exploration. And we picked your site! Our writers (who are mostly Ph.D. students at Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, etc.) pick the sites that go into our Best of the Web section. Teachers and students rely on our expert writers to point out only the highest quality websites, so you should feel quite honored!

You can check out our learning guide for Antebellum American Culture right here:

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