Josh Brown Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship!

2010 April 16
by Andrea Vásquez

ASHP/CML congratulates its Executive Director, Joshua Brown on his prestigious 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship in U.S. history for The Divided Eye: Studies in the Visual Culture of the American Civil War. This new work builds upon Beyond the Lines: Pictorial Reporting, Everyday Life, and the Crisis of Gilded Age America (University of California, 2002). The importance of studying visual cultural is one of Josh’s key contributions to the field of 19th century U.S. history and this fellowship acknowledges the significance of his past work and gives support to his ongoing scholarship. Way to go, Josh!

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2010 June 24
Hanan Ohayon permalink

Awesome; and so important. Congratulations Josh! I very much look forward to seeing and reading the new work. My sense is that I will encounter many great and compelling, and also terrifying and awful, images that don’t make it into the standard texts, or are not given a presentation worthy of the subject, or of the image itself, or the original artist. Readers and scholars certainly deserve this. Great title too. My first visit to the ASHP blog. Good stuff. -Hanan

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