Justice Albie Sachs and the Constitutional Court of South Africa

2009 March 19

CUNY-TV recently aired a stunning 1/2 hour documentary that will be of interest to our staff and others. Constitutional Court of South Africa will be shown again this Saturday night at 5pm (channel 75, I believe). Justice Albie Sachs, who years ago was severely maimed in a bombing of his car, gives a most eloquent and poignant tour of the structure as he tells stories of his own life and the fight against Apartheid. He discusses the collaboration needed to construct an edifice that would not only serve as their highest court, but also represent a democratic future: allow in light, not shield the justices or their process from public view, incorporate their history and diverse perspectives throught art and architecture, all the while allowing for individual justice’s personal input. It’s really quite an amazing story that I thought was an excellent followed-up on our staff discussions and readings on public monuments, historic sites of past atrocities, public history and art…

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2009 March 20
Ellen Noonan permalink

Thanks for noting this Andrea; I still remember reading The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs in high school and what an impact it had on me.

2009 March 20

Sachs’s position papers to the ANC about the role of the arts in a revolutionary movement, which if I remember correctly were widely circulated in South Africa in late 1989/early 1990, remain well worth reading: they are truly inspiring visions of preserving democratic expression while also struggling for equality.

2009 November 30
heeten bhagat permalink

This is for Josh Brown, please could you let me know where i can access some these papers on the net?

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