Baracketology, Obama’s NCAA Picks

2009 March 19
by Leah Yale Potter

The White House has posted President Obama’s picks for this year’s NCAA college basketball tournament which began today at noon on CBS.  So far, Obama is 3 out of 5 (I’m 5 for 5 and milking it for all its worth).

Obama’s practice of publicizing his picks appears to have started last year while he was a senator on the campaign trail.  Campaign watchers analyzed the political subtext of the then senator’s bracketology, noting that Obama may have been trying to build his support among (white) male voters but that “basketball clearly overtook parochial politics.”  This year the now president has picked North Carolina to win it all.  Cynics may say that this is payback for the swing state of North Carolina turning blue last November and UNC coach’s Roy Williams support for the Obama campaign.  I say the President knows a winning team when he sees one.

Go Heels!

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2009 March 20

I say the president has forgotten about the nonbelievers!

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