The Argentine Louis Riehl

2009 February 4
by Leah Yale Potter

Guerrillero Heroico

The Greatest Canadian Hero

The Greatest Canadian Hero

….aka Che Guevara, is the subject of a new graphic biography by Spain Rodriguez.   The cover, pictured far left, is based on Alberto Korda’s 1960 photograph of Che which ASHP learned about last month watching Chevolution. Coming on the heels of our last staff reading (a ‘comic strip biography’ on Métis freedom fighter Louis Riehl) I’m wondering are fallen revolutionaries the new comic book superheroes?  Or is this a well-established partnership?

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2009 February 19
Sean Griffin permalink

I have a book on Cuban graphic art which includes some pages from a 1960s comic book about Che and other guerrilleros heroicos. I’m sure it was just one of many published in Cuba since the Revolution.

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