National Treasure Launched: Are You Experienced?

2009 January 14
by Leah Yale Potter

Bill Tally, our trusty evaluator and colleague at EDC, just sent Ellen and me this link to the National Archives Digital Vault, billed as “The National Archives Experience.”  The site, which actually launched in back in Spring 2008, has lots of nifty features (and some arguable gimmicks): flash animation, zoom, tags, filters, background info on each item, additional resources, themed connections, user collections, and “pathway challenges.”  But wait there’s more… the “Create Your Own Poster” “Create Your Own Movie” and “Create Your Own Pathway Challenge” features (pictured below) are potentially very cool tools for students, though leave room for improvement.

As we continue to plan for the front end of ASHP’s only razzle-dazzle resource database, we should talk about which of the NARA site features and design are the most relevant, useful, and theft-worthy.  After all, it’s our tax dollars at work.

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