American Social History without the Project

2008 November 26
by Frank Poje

If you look at the recent Scout Report you will see item #2, it made me stop, American Social History. I felt something was missing, you guessed it, where is the word Project. I don’t want to be too proprietary but when I saw the title it it seemed incomplete. If you get a chance go to the newly established web site and take a look I still feel like someone moved my cheese.

2008 December 15

[…] in this space as development progresses- so stay tuned for that. In the meantime we’re scouting other organizations to see what they do well, and how we can better service educators with our vast archive of […]

2008 December 29
Michael Reilly permalink

Mr. Frank Poje, I was wondering if you are the same Mr. Frank Poje who was a great history teacher at the High School of Telecommunications Arts and Technology. I graduated in 1990.

Thank You
Michael Reilly

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